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ACTIVO's mission is to create an experience that allows you to connect with your music in a new way. The CT10 was designed to do just that. It is a portable high resolution music player that delivers a more detailed and moving performance of the original recording than most other smart devices or computers currently in the market.

We have developed this product to be able to handle any digital audio format and deliver the fullest details available. It encompasses a variety of features including advanced hardware technologies, Wi-Fi for music streaming and OTA updates, high resolution BT streaming with aptX HD, a powerful processor and fast and intuitive user interface, all in a compact and sleek design. The CT10 was developed for music fans to be able to enjoy high resolution music in a more easy and convenient way.

The Core Features:

  • The Ultimate Music Experience
  • Fresh, Fun and Sleek Design
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use and Feature Packed

The Ultimate Music Experience

Imagine connecting and experiencing your music as if the artist is performing right in front of you. The CT10 allows you to feel closer to the artist by delivering the emotion and details that are lost or compressed by other devices. By delivering the fullest detail and dynamics, hi-res music impacts the way you experience each song. Bring your music back to life! Put on your favorite track, close your eyes and let the performance begin.. Your own personal concert anytime, anywhere.

Powered by Astell&Kern TERATON ​

We adopted Astell&Kern’s TERATON, a compact module combining advanced hardware technologies by a leading manufacturer in the industry of high resolution devices and hardware. It includes a proprietary design that incorporates a clock generator, power, amplification, and high-end DAC, allowing the CT10 to be a small device, without sacrificing sound quality. The CT10 is the first audio product to be equipped with TERATON, which embodies Astell&Kern’s technology and know-how, proven in the portable high-end audio market.

Fresh, Fun and Sleek Design

The CT10 has more modern styling than existing hi-res players. The fresh, fun design allows for the device to fit snugly into your hand with smooth contours to enhance usability. The convenient side buttons enable you to operate the player easily without removing it from your pocket and the buttons’ fine details add a decorative element to the design. The details found in the dodecagonal column inspired volume wheel further the minimalistic concept and tie together the visually pleasing design.

Intuitive, Easy to Use and Feature Packed

Intuitive and Convenient User Interface
  The CT10’s user interface is very similar to that of a smartphone, making it fast and easy to use. The playback menu is located at the center of the screen, so you can easily move to other menus with a swipe from any direction on the screen. Frequently used features are located in customizable shortcut menus, allowing users to turn them on/off easily. The intuitive and fluid interface takes away any distraction and allows you to focus on enjoying your music.

Wireless and Wi-Fi Support
The CT10 offers excellent wireless signal sensitivity making it easy to pair your favorite wireless earbuds, headphones or speakers.

Wi-Fi allows for convenient over-the-air updates and streaming or downloading music. Access all of your connected music libraries including your smart devices, computers, NAS drive, other Wi-Fi enabled products or other DLNA compatible music systems on your local network to access their content and playback/download music without having to connect.

Music Streaming & Open APP Feature
The CT10 comes with Tidal streaming option embedded in the player. This embedded application allow for online streaming of your favorite tunes.

Open APP feature enables users to install approved music streaming applications to the CT10 such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and more! Users can access content in online and offline mode when available by the service provider. For more information and instructions:

How to use Open APP Service

Expandable Storage​

Take thousands of songs on the go with the expandable storage. No need to worry about storage limits, the CT10 has a microSD card slot that is compatible with 1TB cards allowing you to easily expand your storage.

Custom Equalizer to Suit Your Music and Headphones

To meet the needs of diverse tastes, the CT10 has the option of 8 pre-set filters or a customizable 10-band EQ that will allow you to tailor your experience to your preference. It offers eight preset equalizers of Flat, Pop, Club, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop and Bass Boost.

Additional Functionality via USB Connection

Use the portable player as a USB DAC for your computer to get better sound processing. ACTIVO CT10 produces richer sounds with superior spatial effects and resolution that go far beyond the limits of any PC sound card.


User Guide and Software Download

CT10 User Guide - English CT10 User Guide - Japanese CT10 User Guide - Korean

    CT10 MAC OS Driver

    CT10 is compatible with MAC OS X 10.7 and up. http://www.android.com/filetransfer How to install:
    1. Disconnect device from computer
    2. Download the file transfer driver at Android File Transfer site link above.
    3. Install the file downloaded with the provided instructions by Android.
    4. After installation is complete, connect the device to the computer.
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