About Us

ACTIVO is a portable audio brand that has been created for the masses to popularize high resolution music for all. 

Together with groovers Japan we launched the ACTIVO brand to create an ecosystem for an active and fashionable younger generation where they can enjoy high resolution music in a more simple and convenient way that fits their lifestyle. groovers Japan (http://www.groovers.co.jp) has offered a high-quality music streaming service since 2013 and sees the potential needs of younger generations who love music growing in the related market.


ACTIVO represents culture beyond music by creating an engaging experience that allows you to immerse yourself and feel the passion like never before. We believe that artists create their music to inspire feeling and connect with the world, however the typical way we consume it loses a majority of that emotion. Listening to music in high resolution allows you to feel "in the moment" and captures the real performance of the artist as they intended when it was recorded in the studio.

ACTIVO will create its own new culture beyond music.