The Ultimate Music Experience

ACTIVO is a portable audio brand that has been created for the masses to popularize high resolution music for all.

It represents culture beyond music by creating an engaging experience that allows you to immerse yourself and feel the passion of music.

ACTIVO will create its own new culture beyond music.

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Boost up All of Your Moments


- Mark Sparrow

"...this is a digital music player that really delivers the goods and offers stunning value for money. As an introduction to portable hi-res digital music, it’s pretty near perfect."

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- Rob Stott

“It’s been a while since I could truthfully look at a portable music player and say it’s worth the investment, but that’s exactly how I feel about the Activo CT10. It’s appeal to a younger generation of audiophiles, it’s affordability, and it’s high-end features make it one of the easiest recommendations I’ve ever had come across my desk.”

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- Theo Nicolakis

"Sleek design, compact size, superb interface, snappy response, rich feature set, sweet sound, and a $299 price tag render the CT10 a veritable steal.  It’s an outstanding performer, musically speaking.”


- Parker Hall

"Everything sounds open and true from the tiny little player, making it a favorite listening device when we’re out and about. If you’re after something that sounds great, is hyper-portable, and won’t break the piggy bank, we highly recommend you check out this little player."

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